Unilock products help to create an inviting outdoor environment.
Landscaping adds distinctive character and beauty to a home, essentially creating outdoor rooms to
live in and enjoy everyday. Throughout this page you'll find inspirations for your own outdoor
living space with paver and garden wall products made to the highest quality standards. Over 100
color and style combinations and a variety of textural surface options give you the ability to create
the ideal landscape for any style of home.
The irregular texture of Brussels Block has an antiqued
appearance resembling a weathered cobblestone. This
old-world flavor is achieved without sacrificing strength or
durability. Whether your application is a stone terrace, a
driveway, a courtyard or a winding pathway - Brussels Block
is the perfect choice for you.

Colors: Limestone, New York, Prairie, Sandstone and Sierra.
The highly adaptable Brussels Dimensional Stone units can be
built as a planter wall, pillar, grill insert, utilized as an edge
restraint, or used as steps. It is also an outstanding choice for
use as a heavy duty paving stone.

Colors: Limestone, Prairie, Sandstone, Limestone/Sandstone
Unicare Products Clean
and Protect
your Pavers

Product Accessories

Polymeric Sand: A mix of graded sand
and binder, specially formulated for the
filling of narrow or wide joints. Unlike
regular sand it stays in place reducing
weed growth and resists insects.

Unicare Paver Sealant: A solvent based
thermoplastic acrylic sealant that is the
best protection you can buy for your
pavement. It enhances the original color
by providing a wet look and it reduces oil
and dirt penetration.

Unicare #1: Dirt and Grease cleaner. The
most effective product available for
removing oil and grease spots on paving

Unicare #2: Efflorescence cleaner.
Specially formulated to dissolve dirt on
paving stones without damage or
discoloration. This cleaner prepares the
surface before application of uniseal.

Unicare #3: Rust remover. Cleans rust
stains from paving stones without
discoloring the material.

Unicare #4: Paint, tar, sealer & rubber
remover. Specifically formulated to
remove paint, sealant, tar or bitumen,
rubber and chewing gum from paving

Unilock joint stabilizer sealer: An
environmentally friendly water-based
protective sealant which inhibits joint
sand washout and inhibits weed growth.

Unilock concrete adhesive: A superior
adhesive formulated to secure coping units
on retaining walls or steps, and to secure
paving stones to existing concrete steps.

Unilock jointing sand: The recommended
sand for sweeping into the joints between
pavers. It is kiln dried and made up of
small angular sand aggregate for optimum

Spikedge edging: Rot resistant PVC
plastic edging used to retain pavers at the
edge of a driveway, walkway or patio.
Camelot Stone imparts classic, European elegance to paved
areas with its old-world surface texture and design.

Colors: Autumn Red, Nevada and Granite (Windy City).
Camelot Stone imparts classic, European elegance to paved
areas with its old-world surface texture and design.

Colors: Autumn Red, Nevada and Granite (Windy City).
Canterbury is similar to OGC in texture but is a larger stone
and very nice for those who prefer a larger more simplistic
paver that will cover a large area quickly.

Colors: Autumn Red, Prairie, River and Sierra.
Bring a sense of old-world Europe to your design by
incorporating the rich color and timeworn texture of
Copthorne. With Copthorne you can create a street paver look
reminiscent of the clay pavers used in old European cities,
towns and villages. Crafted using a special forming process,
each piece is uniquely altered, yet the dimensions are consistent
for easy, efficient installation. The result is a realistic clay look
with the long-lasting durability of concrete.   
Colors: Old Oak, Burnt Clay, Burgundy Red and 3Color
Capture the essence of the walkways, streets and squares of
Europe in your own backyard with Courtstone. Bring a sense
of old-world Europe to your design with the timeworn texture
and rounded shape of Courtstone, a paver reminiscent of
weathered basalt cobblestones used throughout the villages of
the old country. Each piece is manufactured with a patented
"reverse-angled-joint," locking in the joint sand.
Colors: Basalt Black, Belgian Blue, Canvas, Ash,
Belgian/Basalt and Canvas/Ash.
The large size of Dura-Hold (1680Lbs.), makes it an
appropriate choice for demanding structures up to 25'.
Extensive engineering and a good selection of components
make this an exceptional wall system. A great alternative to
"poured in place" concrete.

Colors: Natural.
Dura-Hold2 is similar to Dura-Hold in appearance but is a little
more than half the size (940Lbs.). This makes the product
economical for low walls. Concrete tiebacks or geogrid
reinforcement gives this wall various engineering options for
low or high retaining walls.

Colors: Natural.
Garden Stone is available in tapered blocks for radius work
and standard blocks for straight lines. Maximum
recommended height is 27 inches.

Colors: Natural, Sand.
Hollandstone offers a traditional shape with a variety of laying
patterns that are perfect for any application. It has the classic
look of clay pavers, synonymous with the "look and feel" of
our heritage architecture. The extremely durable concrete and
it's intense color make it an excellent choice for commercial
or residential application.

Colors: Heritage Brown and Charleston.
Hollandstone offers a traditional shape with a variety of laying
patterns that are perfect for any application.

Colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Red, Autumn Red, Nevada,
Prairie, Rustic Red, St. Clair, Granite (Windy City) and Sierra.
The IL Campo is a unique textured paving design, both
modern in execution and timeless in appearance, making your
driveway, patio or walkway the centerpiece of a dramatic and
distinctive landscape effect. It has a brushed irregular lines
etch the surface of the paver, giving richly detailed surface
unlike any other paver.

Colors: Heritage Brown and Charleston.
Add a regal touch to your home with the ledge rock look of
Estate Wall. The antiqued and textured finished of Estate Wall
recreates the appearance of aged, natural rock. Combine the
family of compatible pieces to create virtually any wall, planter,
step or pillar design.
Yorkstone is reminiscent of natural flagstone and has a
timeworn, weathered surface with snapped stone edges that
replicate natural stone texture and grain in every way. Rich in
both appearance and character, Yorkstone is available in two
natural, earthy colors that look beautiful regardless of the
season. Yorkstone blends the time-tested, classic charm of
natural flagstone with the durability and consistency of
concrete, making it ideal for countless installations where a
signature heritage look is paramount.
Honey Gold and Iron River.
Olde Greenwich Cobble Stone gives old-world charm to any
paved area. It combines a subtle texture with eight unique
cobble shapes to create an endless variety of circular, curved
and random patterns.

Colors: Autumn Red, Nevada, Prairie, Rustic Red, St. Clair,
Granite (Windy City), Sierra.
Pisa2 has a patented tongue and groove for simplicity of
installation and a positive interlock. Great for walls, steps and
planters. A natural rock finish is achieved to form curved and
straight lines. For retaining walls, stairs, terraces, slope
protection or even decorative planter boxes use the Pisa2
System. Modular units interlock with built-in setback to
automatically form correct slope. Create an elegant
atmosphere for your outdoor entertainment by installing
modular Pisa Lite and Pisa Sounds in your wall or step design.

Colors: Natural, Sand, St. Clair, Nevada, Granite.
Introducing Quarrystone Unilock's new antiqued wall system.
Quarrystone is an affordable landscaping wall that
incorporates three different sized units that allow for stunning
random pattern designs. This wall is perfect for constructing
curved walls, seat walls, planters, tree rings, pillars, steps and
much more.

Colors: Prairie, Santa Fe, Sierra and Sandstone.
Refined and elegant, Richcliff is a beautiful, truly realistic
recreation of natural cut flagstone. Each piece has a different
embossed surface texture so no two pieces are alike. And
because it's produced using a modern manufacturing process,
Richcliff delivers superior structural strength and long-lasting

Colors: Ash, Canvas, Taupe, Ash/Canvas/Taupe Mix.
Roman Pisa features all of the structural benefits of Pisa2
with a natural weathered appearance, Roman Pisa will
complement any landscape design.

Colors: Granite, Nevada, St. Clair and Granite/Nevada Mix.
Roman Stack is an antiqued double-faced wall that is perfect
for a variety of landscaping applications. Enabling you to
create a tight 29" radius, Roman Stack is excellent for tree
rings, flower beds, and straight or curved garden walls.

Colors: Granite, Nevada.
For those who demand the best, Series 3000 is the choice for
the ultimate in paving stones. Series 3000 is a unique
collection of shapes, aggregates, textures and colors.

Colors: Platinum Grey, Mineral Ice Grey, Onyx Black,
Mocha Brown, Chardonnay Tan, Cabernet Red.
Unilock combines the stability of large modular units with the
rock face appearance of Pisa Stone products. Steps, curves,
corners and angles can be easily constructed with Siena Stone
using light construction equipment.

Colors: Natural, Sand.
Extensive research and engineering information determined
slope block mark IV to be one of the best retaining wall
systems available. Requiring no mortar, geogrid, or steel
reinforcement, it easily takes the form of curved and straight
walls to astonishing heights. Another design advantage of
slope block mark IV is that it can be installed with both a
smooth or split face finish.

Colors: Natural.
Stonehenge has been upgraded to include a textured surface
on one side and original untextured on the reverse. It provides
a rustic natural stone appearance in random ashlar and 6"x12"
herringbone patterns.

Colors: Prairie, New York, Santa Fe, Sierra.
The Uni-Decor paver successfully combines two distinct
shapes which present a modern paving design that proves
stunning in appearance.

Colors: Autumn Red and St. Clair.
The Unigranite split-faced paver offers a distinctive
architectural paving surface while providing a real granite

Colors: Slate, Rose, Black.
Rivenstone has an authentic-looking face and pitched edges
that mirror the timeless beauty of real flagstone. Rivenstone is
certain to set your installation apart by giving it a classic,
elegant appearance. Available in two nature inspired shades,
Rivenstone combines the durability of concrete with the
character and flexibility of natural stone. It's an ideal choice
for those looking to add enduring quality and timeless appeal
to walkways, courtyards, pool surrounds, terraces and patios.

Colors: Bluestone, Canyon.
Estate Wall
Prairie, River and Sierra.
The natural look and feel of granite. The beauty of
Umbriano's mottled surface appearance is that it closely
resembles the characteristics of natural granite. The random
dispersing of color and granite particles provides for a
realistic natural texture. Umbriano has also been treated with a
new surfacing technology called CleanTop, your driveway,
patio or walkway will be easy to maintain and look pristine for
years to come.

Colors:  Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer
Rose                  and Winter Marvel.
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