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Trees: Design Characteristics
Trees: Cultural Characteristics
Shrubs: Design Characteristics
2.) Fragrant Flowers.
3.) Flowering Sequence.
4.) Fruit.
5.) Fall Color.
6.) Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen, or Tardily Deciduous Foliage.
7.) Winter Stem Color and Texture.
8.) A Guide to Shrub Sizes.
Shrubs: Cultural Characteristics and Maintenance
1.) Tolerance to Dry Soils.
2.) Tolerance to Moist Soils.
3.) Salt Tolerance.
4.) Shade Tolerance.
5.) Hedges and Parterres.
6.) Pruning Times.
Needle Evergreens: Design and Cultural Characteristics
1.) Single Specimens, Groupings, Screens, and Groves.
2.) Hedging.
3.) Groundcovers and Massing.
4.) Salt Tolerance.
Vines: Design and Cultural Characteristics
1.) Flowers, Fruit, and Fall Color.
2.) True Clinging Vines.
3.) Shade Tolerance.