Design/Sales: Joseph Barone
Design/Sales: Jeremy Chapman
What we offer:
Lovisa and Barone offers an array of things. Our primary focus is on Hardscape and Landscape. Hardscape
includes such things like: patios, retaining walls, free standing or seat walls, pool scapes, outdoor kitchens, fire
pits and outdoor fire places. Landscape includes such things like: plantings, ponds, mulching, sod, tree plantings,
and much more.

We also offer Landscape design depending on your needs. Some of the products LBLA uses are Unilock,
Keystone, Carter Block, Rico Rock, Olyola Edging and Dewitt Weed Frabic. These are just a few of our specialty
items. Unilock, because of it's beauty and quality is one of our top brands. Feel free to browse our hardscape
page for examples.